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About Jack LaLanne

Let the legend live on. Let the message be clear. A friend, an icon, an inspiration… we here at Power Juicer are proud to say Jack LaLanne changed the lives of millions of people worldwide with his healthy living message. If he could help or change one person a day it made him happy. Thank you, Jack. You will be greatly missed. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Elaine LaLanne, Jack’s children, and his family and friends at this time.

Why am I so enthusiastic about "juicing"? I have been asked so many times, "Jack do you really juice? I see you on TV extolling the advantages of juicing." My answer to all of you who ask this question is definitely YES. In fact I have been juicing since I was a teenager; over 7 decades. The first juicer I ever used was a press type. The fruits and vegetables had to be first ground up and put through a pressing machine. It was very antiquated and it was difficult to squeeze out all of the juice. Then a new generation of centrifugal juicers came on the market, and I must have owned most of them, including a huge commercial one used in the health food stores. It stood more than 20 inches tall, measured 39 inches around and weighed sixty pounds. I still have that old juicer in what I call my museum of memorabilia. Today, with new, patented technology, juicers have more powerful, high output induction motors. This technique gives you less noise, more juice and less waste, along with a wider opening so it saves time by not needing to cut up all the fruits and vegetables. Technology has a way of keeping us up to date. Technology allows more juice with less amounts of fruit and vegetables.

Before I started into juicing, I was a sugarholic. I believe it made me weak and sick. It destroyed B vitamins and affected my brain. I had boils and pimples. I was underweight and nearsighted. In fact I got so sick that I had to drop out of school for six months. It was during this time that our neighbor, Mrs. Joy, suggested that my mother take me to a lecture on nutrition at the Oakland City Women's Club. At this time I was wearing glasses; I was skinny; my face was covered with boils and pimples, and I was so bashful I didn't want anyone to see me. However I reluctantly went. We were a little late in getting there, and there were no seats available so we started to leave. The lecturer, Paul Bragg, called out, "Lady with the little boy. We don't turn anyone away! Ushers, bring up two seats and put them on the stage." They put two folding chairs up on the stage and there my mother and I sat in front of all these hundreds of people. It was the most humiliating moment of my life, but there was one thing this man had to say that was to change my life forever. He said, "My dear friends, it matters not what your age is, it matters not what your present physical condition is, if you obey natures law, you can be born again!" I forgot everything! This man said I could be born again, that's what I wanted; I wanted to be an athlete; I wanted the girls to like me, and I wanted to be able to get good grades in school. This man said I could do it all. Now what did he mean by natures laws? Exercise and eating properly. I went home that night and prayed, "Dear God or somebody, I need help," I didn't say make me a Mr. America, make me a straight A student", I said, "Just give me the willpower to refrain from the foods that are killing me." That night I went strict vegetarian. Then a few days later I joined the Berkeley YMCA. And you know what? In one week I was born again. I used to have all these headaches, & even pounded my head against the wall because I couldn't stand the pain. My energy was low and everything in my life was negative, then everything in my life became positive. My folks couldn't believe it. It was actually a rebirth for me.

Most of the American diet consists of overprocessed, overcooked foods. It's a known fact from the medical profession that we need five to six vegetables and four to five fruits everyday. It seems that everything that we put into our body is cooked, and I believe that too much cooking kills a good deal of the nutrients. Giving your body the right fuel is like giving your automobile the right gas. If you put water in the gas tank it sputters and dies. If you put raw and vital foods in your body, you're going to feel alive and vital. Your body has some 80 trillion cells that are alive, and in my opinion, if you put dead processed foods into these cells they are not going to be properly nourished. That's why there are so many out-of-condition people with no vitality and low energy. Think of your bloodstream as the "River of Life". Remember your bloodstream nourishes your 80 trillion cells. If that "River of Life" is polluted by unhealthy foods, your entire body will be adversely affected. The bloodstream feeds every cell in your body over the miles of capillaries that function as tributaries of that "River of Life". Some people may age prematurely because they have been on junk food diets and have polluted that "river". You might ask, "why not get juice from a can or a bottle from the store? It's too much trouble to cut up the fruits and vegetables and to clean the appliance"; not with today's technology! Besides, the canned and bottled drinks often contain preservative, added sugar, and artificial flavorings. When you ingest fresh juices, many people say that they feel better after drinking them. Juicing is also beneficial for those who are overweight and want to lose, because a glass of fresh juice helps appease your appetite, so you don't want to eat as much, but helps keep your energy up! What a pleasant way to mix up combinations that make your taste buds dance with delight. Put the right fuel in your body, you are like a combustion engine; don't put the wrong fuel in a human machine. Life is like a game. You have to train for it to be in shape for it. We should also be an example for our children-too many of them are living on hot dogs, candy bars, ice cream, and fast food. Why not get them juicing? Make them frozen treats out of the juice.

Who puts the food in your mouth? You do. Do something for yourself.
Get Juicing! I cannot stress enough the benefits of juicing.

You are the most important person on this earth, be kind to that person!

"Anything in life is possible and you can make it happen!"